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With the aim of promoting research in the field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, the Spanish Society of Pediatric Emergency Medicine (SEUP) announces a grant of 4000 euros for the best Research Project presented within the SPANISH PEDIATRIC EMERGENCY RESEARCH GROUP (SPERG).

Terms and conditions of the call for applications

1. The annual call for this research grant is decided exclusively by the SEUP Executive Committee.

2. Only research projects that have been submitted to the annual RISeuP/SPERG call for proposals are eligible for this grant.

3. The winner of the grant will be selected by the RISeuP/SPERG Steering Committee from the research projects that have been submitted to the RISeuP/SPERG call for proposals (see under “Research Projects – Evaluation and Selection Process”).

4. The RISeuP/SPERG Steering Committee will officially communicate the title of the winning project and the name of the winning researchers to the SEUP Scientific Committee.

5. The grant will be awarded by the Executive Committee of the SEUP together with an official certificate for the resume of the authors of the project.

6. In all publications, communications or other forms of dissemination of the results, it should be explicitly stated that the project has been carried out within the RISEUP and was endorsed by the SEUP, using the following phrase: “This study was funded by the RESEARCH GRANT edition ….., of the SPANISH PEDIATRIC EMERGENCY RESEARCH GROUP (RISeuP/SPERG)”.

7. The principal investigator agrees to present the results of the study, final or partial, at the SEUP Annual Meeting, within a maximum of 2 years from the awarding of the grant. Such presentation will not be eligible for any of the awards granted for Communications by SEUP or the Organizing Committee of the SEUP Annual Meeting.

The Grant will be paid in two installments of half the amount each; the first at the time the grant is awarded and the second when the study is in the process of peer review in an indexed journal. The grantee must present a scientific and economic report of the project before the second installment is paid.

The RISeuP/SPERG Steering Committee reserves the right not to pay the second installment of the grant and to reclaim the amount paid in the first installment, if it considers that the objectives of the project have not been met and the expenses have not been justified in the economic report.


The Spanish Society of Pediatric Emergency Medicine (SEUP) through its Research Network  (RISeuP-SPERG) is offering yearly grant awards for the  training of its members in the field of medical research. For this purpose, the SEUP will allocate an annual budget of 1500 €.


Terms and conditions of the call for applications

1. The applicant must be a member of the SPERG.

2. The period to apply for the training grant will be from February 1 to March 15 of the corresponding year. The call for application will be announced at least 2 months in advance both on the RISeuP/SPERG website ( and by e-mail to its members.
3. The training activity for which the grant is requested:

  • Should be related to the acquisition of skills in the field of medical research (literature searches, critical reading, statistics and data analysis, writing of medical articles…).
  • Must be accredited by a public or private health institution.
  • May be developed face-to-face or on-line.
  • Should be initiated during the corresponding year or have been initiated during the last quarter of the previous year (October 1 of the previous year to December 31 of the corresponding year).

Information document and application form

Medical Research Training Grant of the SEUP

Application Form for the Medical Research Training Grant