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Currently, 8 research projects are ongoing.

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Utility of the polymerase chain reaction technique in blood for enterovirus and parechovirus detection in the management of infants younger than 90 days with fever without a source José Antonio Alonso
(HIU Niño Jesús)
10/2020 – 10/2022 Extended until October 2023 11
Quality of care provided in the emergency department to infants under 3 months of life with fever without a source Ainara Lejarcegui Beraza, Santiago Mintegi Raso (Hospital Universitario Cruces) BECA RISEUP 2021 01/2021-12/2022 26
Identification of clinical and analytical risk factors for invasive bacterial infection in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Borja Gómez (HU Cruces), José A Alonso (HUI Niño Jesús) BECA RISEUP 2022. 11/2022-10/2024 19
Prospective validation of the score for the diagnosis of foreign body aspiration in children Yordana Acedo Alonso (HU Cruces) 11/2022-10/2024 15
Effect of home rehabilitation on functional recovery after suffering a moderate sprain. Randomized, multicenter clinical trial in the pediatric population Sara Suárez Cabezas (HU Infanta Leonor) 04/2023-04/2025 6
Validation of the qualitative detection of paracetamol in urine in the pediatric population. Francesco Ecclesia, Jara Gaitero Tristán (HIU Niño Jesús) BECA RISEUP 2023. 11/2023-11/2025 18
Use of Text Mining for the analysis of the appropriateness in the prescription of antimicrobials in emergencies. MINEBIOTIC study. Lluis Antón Subirana Campos (HU Germans Trias i Pujol) 11/2023-11/2025 9
Management of patients with fever without focus aged 3-36 months. Description of the current state. Mireia Sensarrich Roset (HU Santa Creu i Sant Pau) 11/2023-11/2025 20